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Updates [11 Feb 2006|01:49am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Ok, so, school, still trying to work my online class...... I'll be driven nuts by Monday! LOL.

Lyric: She's awesome. Zoomin' around the house with her Stride to Ride and walking as fast as possible holding onto everything. Everything's one handed. Loves to race away when she's crawling, laughing the whole time. (John laughs at that, says that alone could make her his kid, lol.)

She's still just got the six teeth, but I think we're headed for more again. Her mouth's been really buggin' the last few days.

She is SUCH a tomboy!! LOL. You put a dress on this child and get her looking all girly, and she starts screaming! Put her in a tee and jeans, and she's fine...... LOL. She LOVES hoodies!!! Won't have anything else on her head, but you put a hoodie on her and she's just fine with it. She rocks the hoodie like no other baby I've ever seen, lol. Think's she's just the coolest thing since candy.

She's on all people food now, lol. Even back in December, the baby food was if and when she was hungry enough, and even then half a jor was more than sufficent, but for the last few months, it's all food, or nothing. She loves anything with spaghettis sauce, so we now have a cupboard full of Spaghetti-O's and Ravioli and all that stuff, lol. Loves string cheese and yogurt. Adores Cheez-it's, but Saltines, Ritz and Wheat Thins, especially the sun dried tomato and basil kind, work too. Cheerios and Rice Crispies are fun munchie cereals, and Eggo cereal rocks! She loves salad, but only with certain dressings, lol. Spits out Ranch and Thousand Island. She's not much on sweets, but she's decided she likes Three Musketeers and Creme Wafers. Will fight you for a Diet Pepsi, but show her a sippy full of purple grape juice and she's just as happy, lol.

She's such a kick!

She's all about the walking right now, and standing on her own. Tonight, she took her first two steps with no help and stood on her own dancing for three minutes!!! It was soooooo awesome!!!

She's really growing up, and it's so much fun to watch.

On the John front: Everything's cool right now. We're planning our date, when he gets here on leave, and it's really fun. Doing the whole, questions about this and that all the time to get to know more of the stuff we haven't found out the last two years. He really seems to freakin' ADORE Lyric, and he loves it when I tell him all the new stuff. He wants to be here to see it all, but it's still cool to be told...

Talked to him tonight. About everything and nothing. He finally heard me get mad, because Grams started her shyte and we had it out while I was on the phone with him. Not sure he was ready for that one.....

He heard Lyric talking and singing and got all goofy. Was all happy and sad at the same time when I told him about her steps and the dancing. Got all goofy when we had to get off the phone and were saying goodnight. He keeps dropping in the marriage and Lyric being his and all that stuff, but right now, I'm letting it slide unless it gets real bad.

He makes me laugh, cause he's all even willing to change diapers and shyte. Is always saying hewishes he could be here to help so I could sleep when I'm tired and so he could hold me all night. Makes me laugh cause he's like, IN LOVE with my ass! LOL. He's such a goof, but I love it. He makes it sooooo hard not to believe him sometimes. I really want to.

He's all proud of me for losing the weight I have. He says he's soooo gonna help me start toning up like I want to when he gets here. Made me laugh tonight though, cause he said something about my ass and was all, But since you're LOSING it, now I'm all sad. You HAVE to keep some of it!!!! LOL. Cracked me up.

Things are just cool though. I miss him tons.... I'm still totally confused, but I love the way he makes me laugh, how he can make me happy like THAT when I'm sad, how he is about the baby, just everything about the way he is.........

It's interesting.

I think I'm off though. Got loads of emails and it's late.

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Super Quick [10 Feb 2006|12:32am]

Really quick cause I'm off to bed ASAP.

Got registered for my classes today. I've got one of my CIS classes, my Math, even though it'll be on campus, an English, English 101, and I'll hopefully upgrade to an Honors English next semester!, and my Physical Science class. Everything but my Computer class in on campus.

Got my ASB card, paid my fees and I'm ready. Needa do Orientation, and get my books, but I'll get that taken care of quick. (Needa find out which books I need, lol.)

My first class, Math, starts Monday. That'll be fun. LOL. Gotto do it though. Next Math and PSCI on Wednesday. English will be Friday's, but it doesn't start til the 24th. Gotto get all enrolled for my CIS class and get that squared away with my instructor. Need to get started, prolly Tuesday or so. It'll be almost 7 hours a week.

It's gonna be soooooo fun!

Didn't get the exact sched I wanted, thank you late registration due to my worker!, but it's still ok. Was there AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALL day though, runnin' around trying to get everything done. (I swear, soon as the Summer class sched gets up, I'm registering online and screw everything else!! I'm not doing last minute EVER again!! LOL.)

Saw you and Matt, Caye. LOL. Comin' out of the Admin. building. You guys headed across campus as I was getting in the car to leave. I was just looking and saw this tall guy and this tiny girl, went, hmmm, Cayla and Matt, then looked again and went Holy Hell, it IS Caye and Matt!! LOL! Was funny.

You make an interesting pair......

Still got a few things I've gotto get squared away; enroll on my online class, work out buses and everything, either that or rides..., find out if I'm gonna need to work at all...... It's cool though. I'll be starting and that's gonna be awesome fun!

Gonna go though. Prolly update everything else later. ~Jp
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Up Late, Wanted to Write [03 Jan 2006|01:58am]
[ mood | tired ]

Well, here we go. On the Lyric front: Fifth tooth finally came in Saturday. The 6th one is following close behind, so we're still teething bad. It's soooooo cute to see all those teeth though!

She's started using her walker/bike alot to walk on her own without my help. It's way cool. Using the furniture and our hands too to get where she wants to while walking. She's gettin' pretty good at it!

She'll be 10 months Wednesday. Crazy stuff.

On the John front: Talked to him Sunday. Through about 5 different phone calls. LOL. Talked about all kinds of stuff. He's buggin'me for new pics of me and some of Lyric too, so I've gotto get some good ones of me and make copies to send him.

Still didn't get to see him, and he went back to AZ at 12:50 a.m. Monday. *big tears* Should have a months leave next go around, so he's determined to see me. He's supposed to call me in the next few days and let me know he got back to AZ ok.

It's so easy to talk to him, about everything. (Even if he does make me blush entirely too often! LOL.) It's getting harder and harder to keep from believing him when he says he loves me, and I'm not sure that's a good thing.....

On my front: Been busy. Gotto get into the college this week and get things in line for Feb. Gotto groom a bunch of dogs, here and at work. Gotto get updating websites, if Grams'll get the hell off-line long enough for me to do it already. (Can't think straight enough to do it at 1 in the morning when I FINALLY get the comp...)

Weather here was nuts today! Had hellacious winds. The big ass tree in our back yard finally came down, after almost 5 years! BARELY missed hitting the garage. God are we lucky!! Had to go to Adam's breeder's house today and the road was closed off because the wind snapped 4 electric poles in half like twigs....

It's been crazy. Hopefully we're done with that...

I think I'm off to bed though. Tired as hell.

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First Entry of the Year [01 Jan 2006|01:15am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Happy New Year to all!

Well, I ended the year/started the new year with a bang!

We ran all day today. Stopped at the market to pick up dinner. Who do I run into but PJ? First see him, I was real glad I was wearing my tie-up, tight new skinny jeans. He just stared at me with this puppy dog look. Come back up the aisle and he HAS to say hi again, the fucker. So I asked if he'd heard the phrase get a life. He says he has one, how 'bout me? Told him yeah and it's wonderful when he leaves me alone and walked away. He said something like, then go home or some shyte like that as I walked away.

Had to go back in, ad of course, there he is. Has the nerve to ask How's my daughter. I wanted to just hit him. Asked if he'd heard the phrase fuck off. He pretended he hadn't heard right, I think he was actually shocked and really didn't think he'd heard right!, asked what I said. Told him he heard me, he said no, he was getting kind of deaf, all sarcastic.

At this point I'm laughing. I mean, as far as witty come backs go, that one kinda missed the boat! LOL.

So, of course, I had to be a bitch. Said, Oh, old age catchin' up to you that fast, huh? ; p He gets all pissed, says, you know I try to be civil to you and it just doesn't work. Why can't you just be nice? Told him I have no reason to, and walked off to leave him stewing over that whole thing.

I just couldn't help it. I mean, it's like he expects everything to just be hunky-dorey and go back to how it was or something. It pisses me off.

Lyric kept herself up to ring in the new year. It was like she knew or something, lol. It was funny. Fell asleep about 15 minutes after.

Haven't seen John yet, *sigh*, and he goes back to AZ either tomorrow or Monday. So, this leave was a wash. He's all butt hurt right now cause I didn't take his call the other day. He called while I was trying to get Lyric fed and I just couldn't talk. Said he'd call back, and he didn't. Hasn't even messaged me, and that was two days ago.

He makes it very hard to believe he's sooooo different from PJ and he truly loves me and all this shyte.

I don't know. This should be an interesting year to say the least. I'm off to play games and listen to my new Crossfade CD though. (Very kickass by the way!) Happy New Year all, and try not to get toooo smashed!

(if its tuesday i must change my alias) ~Jp
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Whaddaya Know, An Entry!! [26 Dec 2005|04:49pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

So yeah, I've got a lot of catching up to do...... LOL.

I guess we'll start with Lyric: She's now almost 10 months. Walking while she holds onto everything. 17 lbs. 10 oz. and 29 ins. at the last doc visit. She's saying mama, calls her pacifier dada, lol, calls Grams nana and tries to say grandma, says no, shakes her head no, says yeah.... We'll never find the off button!!! She's eating everything we eat, only on baby food once a day, maybe, and that's 3rd foods and graduates stuff.

She's doing awesome growing.

Her Halloween was fun. She looked absolutely adorable in her witch's costume! She loved searching for a pumpkin at the pumpkin patch, and even had her first pony ride!! She loved Thanksgiving cause she got all kinds of great food, lol, including our spruced up sweet potatoes, a hit with everyone.

Christmas was so good. She helped me wrap presents, helped Sam UNWRAP his, lol, and kept trying to unwrap the ones under the tree before yesterday arrived.

Lyric helped with a few of the presents once it came time for her to open. My mom sent her a circus set and a drum set and a tumble Tigger and all this really neat stuff. Some pretty cute clothes too. She liked her phone from Auntie Gina, Panda from Grams, and Knee-Pony the best. She likes the wood blocks I got her too, cause she can bang them like she does her little balls. Gabe, our new Siberian Husky pup, Ricco and Mason all tried to steal the couch Mom got Lyric. Ricco got into the paper.

It was just so fun!

I'm waaaaaaaay behind on her pics, but I did get most of October up: 8th Month. Gotto get started on November and December....

I think that's about it on her right now.

John's home on leave, but we haven't seen eachother yet. Sucky much. We've gotto get to see eachother before he goes, or we'll both just be heartbroken.

He called me yesterday. I was kinda shocked, but seriously happy. He was in Lenwood. Said his Christmas was sucky. Got a jacket, but he said he'd rather have a woman keep him warm, lol. He says his whole leave has sucked so far, cause he hasn't see me. Cracked me up threatening to get me a vibrator for Christmas, lol. Said that could be half my gift, the other would be him. He's such a goof.

He's started calling me babe lately. It's interesting. Especially since I haven't objected.... Made me laugh when we were talking about the baby's gifts and everything. When I said the drums were too old, he's like, Babe, how old is Lyric now? She loves to bang stuff, right? The drums are perfect for her!!! LOL.

He's too cute.

Things are going pretty interesting there.

Arth finally found me last night, so we got to talk. That was fun. He's in freakin' Texas now!! (Damned Army sending everybody away!) I miss havin' him around to bug me.

Mmmm, let's see. I've lost 17 pounds. I need to tone it up a bit, but I'm looking damn good! Tried on my skinny jeans today, and even my skinny-skinny jeans fit me again!! (All the baby weight was gone in three days, but the baby fat re-shaped me! LOL.) It's really pretty fun.

Of course, Grams broker had to go and get me a 42 oz. tin of almond roca, so there goes my careful diet! LOL. It is beyond my willpower to be good with a temptation like that lying around!!

Grams got me a kick ass book for Christmas. The Encyclopedia of Vampire, Werewolves and Other Monsters. It's awesome!! I stayed up til 3 yesterday morning, since I opened it Christmas Eve, reading through it.

School's getting close. Gotto see if I can register for Jan. tomorrow. If so, I'm only gonna take a math and one of my computer courses. Math'll be online. If not, I'll wait til Feb. to start. Don't want to, but I may have to, sucky though it is.

Work's good. Gonna start showing a few dogs in Jan. Training a dog right now for April's breeder, so that's fun. Been updating sites, all but mine!, and havin' fun with that.

Told my mom off week before last, so now she's being really careful. Finally started talking to Gramps again and it took him all of one day to piss me off again. So, I'm prolly not talking to him anymore, lol.

God, I'm just a bitch sometimes!! LOL. They deserved it though.

Hmmm, what else.....? I think that's it right now.

(happy holidays) ~Jp
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Busy Days [15 Oct 2005|11:40pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

So this week's been fun!!

Saw PJ Thursday. He had to say hi. Fiound him on a relatively deserted aisle, and he did it. I couldn't help it anymore, I responded. Turned around, said let mew ask you something. He asked what and I asked if they shaved off part of his brain when they shaved his hair off.

Not the response he was going for, I'm sure!! LOL.

He just pisses me off with that shyte, you know? I mean, stupidity I get, but repeatedly trying to make conversation with the ex who'd just as soon bash your face in as look at you?!! Come on!! LOL

Groomed dogs, gotto get paid tomorrow.

Took my test today. It was interesting.

Lyric decided last night that she wanted to be bratty, so she screamed from 1 til 3. I had to get up at 5:30. So, yeah, I had all of 2 and 1/2 hours of sleep to fuel me.

Got all dolled up, was lookin' cool. Or as Jen would say, I looked stinkin' cute!! LOL. Had a few of the guys testing checkin' me out too, that was pretty fun!!

English was first. I finished 15 minutes before anyone else and an hour before the allotted time was up. Math was next. It was scarily easier than I thought it would be! I'm not sure how I'll do there.... Lunch I chilled while everyone went out. Science, Social Studies and reading were up next. I did them all in an hour and a half. Reading took me 15 minutes for 40 multiple choice, gotto read the passages questions.... I finished the test, totally, a half hour before anyone else!

I think I passed. Or as John insists, I KNOW I passed! LOl.

I had to wait til Grams could come get me. Had two people ask if I needed a ride. One a lady who sat near me and the second this really cute guy who sat right next to me. He was all concerned that I had a ride and all this, it was so cute.

There were some pretty cute guys in there too, I'll tell ya!! LOL.

Came home and I was wiped. At around 7, I got online, and had a message from John. He finally got a phone. SO, we finally got to talk!! I have sooooooo missed his voice!! It was so fun talking to him, much better than email and IM's. He's sposed to send me some new pics. He better hurry his arse up, I'm impatient for yummy tummy pics!! LOL.

We had a really good talk. About everything, nothing.... I so wish I could see him.

Not a whole lot goin' on though besides that. I'm off to bed I guess. John got me all hyped, but it's kinda wearin' off a little, so not too long, and I'll be out!! LOL.

(if its tuesday i must change my alias) ~Jp
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Hilo [07 Oct 2005|06:09pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Well, today's been busy. We spent the day cleaning, again. I vaccuumed, cleaned all the windows inside and out, what a job that was!!!, dusted, hung pics, did the baby's laundry, got my Halloween layout all set up....

I'm exhausted!!! LOl

Yesterday was pretty busy. Went up to school, finished correcting my pre-test. It looks like I should definately pass on the 15th, so let's hope!! Went from there to the newspaper in Hesperia.

From there to Walmart where I put some of Lyric's Christmas stuff on Lay-a-way, just to be sure we could get it!, picked up a few things we needed for the kitchen and picked two AWESOME light up Jack-o-Lanterns for my layout. That was pretty fun. I just need to get a few of the big items for Lyric and like, 3 small things and Lyric's Christmas shopping will be done. (Then I've got Grams, Sam, Auntie Gina and everyone else to worry about, lol!!!)

Had to go to Albertsons to get some baby juice, baby food, something for dinner and more milk. I picked up some rice cakes while I was in there for Grams to munch, cause she's sooooo damned picky!!, and for the baby. Tried Lyric on them last night, and she LOVES them!

I've gotto be careful though. She gets her bottle all of once a day, just before she goes to bed, and she's pretty well given that up. She just plays with it. She doesn't want her formula anymore, AT ALL! And the more real food she gets, the less she's gonna want her food, so I've gotto be really careful there.

Motherhood is SUCH a joy! LOl.

I also picked up my latest batch of Lyric pics. Some of them came out sooooooo cute!! I've gotto get them scanned and post them. Still gotto do the roll from last week too.... I'm so lazy!!

Tried to go to work, but they forgot to leave me the key, so I'm prolly gonna end up going twice next week.....

I've gotto do Lyric's weight and height again. I think she's 27 ins. now, and prolly close to 17 pounds! I wanna find out how close I am.

Oh, and I now understand why everyone keeps saying she's so tiny!

I saw this baby yesterday in Walgreens, Shelby. Really cute. I'm thinkin' she's like 10 months, ok. Not very tall, but her head was huge and she was pretty chunky.

She was 6 months!!!!!!! A month younger than Lyric and like twice her size!! I could not believe it!!!

Crazy shyte.

Anyway, I'm off to see if Tim's emailed me. Maybe one of these years *J* will get his arse back on, lol.

(if its tuesday i must change my alias) ~Jp
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Life is Grand [28 Sep 2005|05:16pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Not a whole lot goin' on. Lyric had a bad night last night. Stayed up til 2, and woke up a few times in between. Was so tired, she actually slept til 10:30 after I took her to bed with me at 8.

That 3rd tooth is getting to her I think. I just wish it'd pop up already and let her be for a while.

She seems to be doing better with her hips. We'll prolly get her xrays done either tomorrow or next Thursday. She's trying real hard again to crawl, and she's getting alot steadier. Her legs are still going out from uder her when she moves, but I'm hoping just the trying will maybe help her build the muscle to get there.

I've got her new pics loaded. 7th Month. Some of them are so cute. I can't wait to do her Halloween pics!

I'm hopin' I can get a few pics where her teeth show, cause it is soooo cute. Been tryin' for a while now, but she's just not cooperative about it. She actually clamps her mouth shut or, somehow, manages to keep her lower lip up just far enough to cover the teeth.

She's such a little goof!

Went yesterday and signed up for my test. Goin' for it the 15th. Hopefully I pass and don't have to redo anything.

While I was there, all the older women were all fawning over Lyric. When I told the one lady who was holding her so I could fill out my paperwork how old she was, She was all, Oh, you're just a little bitty thing for your age!

I was in shock!! I think she's huge, and so does most everyone who's seen her grow, but it's been going that way again lately.

Like the other day. We were in Food 4 Less, and we passed this little boy and his mom. Timothy his name was. He's only like, 10 months. Anyway, he started flirting up a STORM with Lyric!! It was so cute!! He saw her and started bouncing in the cart, yacking at her, had these big ole' grins... Was doing everything he could to get her to respond!!

I had Lyric up in the cart, alone in the seat like a big kid, no more car seat. Timothy's mother and I got to talking. She told me she'd JUST started putting him in the cart like that. When she asked how old Lyric was, she couldn't believe she was sitting there like that. Was all, Oh my God, she's so tiny!! I can't believe you let her sit in the seat like that... and all this stuff.

It's just so weird, cause I'd gotten used to NOT hearing that anymore since she turned 5 months, lol.

Heard from John. We talked a little on IMs Sunday night, then again for about 4 minutes last night. He's in Arizona now. (Closer, but still so damned far away!) He's ready to kill his new drill seargent. He keeps the guys drilling longer than usual, it bites. Looks like he's gonna be coming home for Christmas. We'll see if we get to see eachother or not.

I'm hoping I can catch him again before the weekend. And REALLY get a chance to talk to him. Without me having to take care of dogs or Lyric and without him having to jump off cause of his drill seargent or flightline or whatever else.

Right now I'm just playin' around online. Grams is sleeping, Lyric just got up from her nap and now she's all fed and over here playing. Gotto try and get some yard work done, but I can't do that til Grams gets up. Got backgrounds for one of the sites I need to work on, so I'll start doing that either tonight or Friday after I get home from school. Tomorrow I gotto work.

It just never ends around here!! Lol.

I'm off though, to see what kind of trouble I can get into.

(if its tuesday i must change my alias) ~Jp
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Angel Face and More [22 Sep 2005|04:57pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Well, found out PJ has a new chick. I scare her, it's crack up. Saw her, I guess last week while I was in the store shopping. She looked me up and down on the way in, followed me in, followed me down 1 where I saw PJ. He watched the baby like a freakin' HAWK! She made a big show of sidling up to him, flicking his hair and totally flirting. I about busted up. Asked PJ if she knew they weren't supposed to fraternize while he was at work as I walked away. (Couldn't resist it.) And as I walked out, with Lyric riding in the cart, she had eyes for NOONE but me, lol. It was too hilarious.

I'm waiting for her to wind up pregnant thinking that'll be the big thing with PJ, get his mind off me and Lyric.

Lyric had her 6 month appointment today. Got her 3rd set of shots. That wasn't too cool for her, but she had like one minute of whimpering, then she was fine. I think i have a harder time with it than she does! LOl.

I did her weight and height the other day and came up with 15 lbs. 27 1/2 ins. and 17 in. head. Today she turned out to be 15 lbs. 15 oz., 26 1/2 ins. (that was a shocker!) and 17 in. for her head.

She's getting huge!!

I have to take her for xrays in the next few days. Her hips are a big concern right now. The pop in them is getting worse, and it seems to be keeping her from crawling. Which is really not good on both counts.

If the xrays come back inconclusive then we're off to have an MRI done. It's not gonna be fun. Hopefully we can get this straightened out though, cause Lyric is so far advanced in everything else, not being able to crawl is really not cool.

Heard from John the other day. Sort of. He left a few offlines and a two word email, but he still didn't SAY anything, lol. I'm so ready to kick his butt. Hopefully I'll catch him next time he's on and get some info already. Like why my last two letters came back!

Not a whole lot else goin' on. Going for my test the 15th. Going for a practice test tomorrow. I've got a job that's payin' me $100-$200 a month, depending on how much I get done. I started yesterday. I'll get pain $75 on Saturday, then I'm off to more on Thursday. It's gonna be a weekly thing, so that kicks.

I've gotto get Lyric's car seat in the next few weeks. Plus pick up pics. Plus start Christmas shopping. Plus get Halloween stuff.... It's crazy....

I've gotto go see if I can fix the VCR though.

(if its tuesday i must change my alias) ~Jp
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It's Been a Long Time Comin' [14 Sep 2005|12:47am]
[ mood | awake ]

Mama said there'll be days like this
There'll be days like this
My mama said

Well, the last few days, weeks even, have been interesting.

I electrocuted myself the other day. Got the shock of a lifetime off that, lol! Turned 20. Scary shyte. I'm getting mega homework done, finally! Baby got her 1st two teeth!! I'm back in the poetry zone. PJ's going around crying to everyone now that he wants to play Daddy. Now that county's going after him for child support, and he has, yet another, new girlfriend to impress!

Yeah, PJ's been crying to Clarissa, and Clarissa came crying to me. You know, he's just so sad cause I won't let him see the baby he a: Had doubts about being his, b: He offered to pay to abort, c: he told to go to hell when said baby was 3 weeks old, d: doesn't support!, e: hasn't called ONCE to check up on and see if said baby is even alive!!

I mean, come on!! Does anyone NOT see why?!

Apparently though, PJ doesn't see why, and neither does Clarissa.

We had a go of it the other night when she called to talk to me and again today when I went into the store. I told her, and hopefully she'll pass it on, PJ should just knock up his new little girlfriend and leave me and my baby alone, and that I already have a potential daddy for my baby, and PJ is NOT gonna be it!

I seriously hope the message gets passed on.

Lyric now has two teeth. It's way cool. Hurts when she tries to bite me, but.... LOl. Gave her an old pot and a wooden spoon the other night, and they've quickly become her favorite toys. LMAO.

Had to pull out all her big jammies and pack away her small ones. She's so tall they don't fit in the legs anymore, even though they're huge weight wise! She's starting to fit some of her really cute older clothes too, so it's cool. It's hard to believe that those tiny clothes were ever too big for her!

I'm getting published again for one of my poems. I'm back with it after my year of having no inspiration, thank you PJ. But I'm back with it. I also got Editor's Choice for the poem and made it onto The Sound of Poetry.

It's been a while since that's happened. It feels good to be back!

I've gotten loads of homework done, and I'm starting to actually get it, lol. My sub is all ticked cause I'm not going up there, even though she said NOT to bring the baby!, and we almost got into it today.

That pissed me off.

And after that little bit, we went to the market, I saw PJ and his new girlfriend. (Contessa's a thing of the past now..) He actually had the audacity to WAVE at me! I flipped him off. : X And after that, I had the issue with Clarrisa about him.

Not cool.

Came home and did photo shoots though, so that brightened my day alot! Got some really awesome pics too.

The letter I sent John at the first of August came back to me Saturday. LOl. Funny shyte. No wonder he hasn't written me in a while..... LMAO! Sent him another one the other day, so if he gets it, we'll see if he writes back. He prolly thinks I'm not interested and he's given up on me.

That will so suck!

I'm off to bed though. Got appointments all day tomorrow (today) and Thursday. And so the boredom ends.... ; p

(if its tuesday i must change my alias) ~Jp
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Updating Real Quick [05 Sep 2005|12:01am]
[ mood | calm ]

Just a quick update cause I'm not tired and need to keep things quiet for Grams and Lyric. No TV, no music.....

Heard from John. Sort of. He left me a 2-word offline on the 27th. I'm hoping he'll either get online when I'm on or write. Waiting aound sucks though.

Lyric turned 6 months yesterday. Amazing. Posted most of her August pics, here. She also got her first tooth today!! Or at least, I found it today and it wasn't there 3 days ago anyway. It's pretty cool.

I turn 20 tomorrow. Actually, in one hour and 45 minutes to be precise. Scary shyte.

Not much goin' on. Been workin' on my math so I can pass my damned test already. Got a cake for tomorrow and we'll go get the pizza prolly around 2-3. Gotto get to building websites tomorrow and start doing the photo shoots I need to.

Pretty boring stuff. I'm off to read a while though. Night all.

(if its tuesday i must change my alias) ~Jp
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Pics [31 Aug 2005|04:44pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Oh yes, almost forgot. I've got Lyric's pics all updated. 1st through 3rd month here: http://community.webshots.com/user/calsgrlofspunk

5th month, cause I ran out of room, here: http://community.webshots.com/user/lyricmommysangel

I'll be getting my own Webshiots up pretty soon, so I'll post if I ever do, lol. Take a look, comment, rid me of my boredom.

(if its tuesday i must change my alias) ~Jp
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Hello All [31 Aug 2005|04:41pm]
[ mood | blah ]

So yeah, I'm bored beyond belief. Sucks much. I'm missing like a whole day this week, lol!! I totally blocked out Monday. Grams thought I was nuts this morning cause I thought today was Tuesday.

Go me......

I can't believe Lyric's gonna be 6 months in 4 days and I'll be 20 in 6 days!! That's scary shyte!!

Everything's goin' pretty good I guess. Lyric's getting huge, just on the edge of crawling really really well. Seems like she cwants to skip it and start walking though, lol. Uses the sippy, loving cold juice right now. Her teeth are buggin' again, which bites, but it could be worse.

Haven't heard from John in like, a month. It truly bites. I want to hear from him already! I wanna know what's up with him. I need my sanity back!! LOL.

I've gotto write Banic.... I miss him too. Sucks that everybody left me! It's different with Banic though than it is with John. As John would say so eloquently, I just wanna jump his bones, LOl. No, not really, not entirely anyway, but with Banic, he's just my super buddy and it sucks that he's gone.

I know, I'm boring. I've gotto go find me somethin' to do. Baby's down for her nap and I'm sitting here like a useless blob.... I'll be bitchin' when she gets up. Need to get to yardwork pretty quick. Then maybe I can pop a movie in....

(if its tuesday i must change my alias)~Jp
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Yackidy Yack [05 Aug 2005|06:09pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I think it's time for a change
Cause I'm tired of these games
I'm gonna leave 'em inside
Cause I'm alright on the outside

So the last few weeks have been good.

Heard from John. He FINALLY sent me a pic! LOL. He looks pretty good all decked out in his Army duds. Waiting to hear from him again. So sad, so sad...

Saw PJ the other day. Went into the store and he was there. Was Tuesday I think. I was lookin' HOT! Had my hair all done and gelled up, tight black tank, kickin' jeans, boots, the whole thing. I looked good. The bastard actually had the nerve to come up to me. Was 2 INCHES from hitting my shoulder as he walked by saying hi. Stopped at the end of the checkstand and gave me this grin like, You know you love me!

Oh did it piss me off!! I wanted to just punch him. Bust his nose, take that grin right off his face.


We got a new puppy. Arpil, a rough blue Collie. She's 4 months and too cute. LOVES Lyric, and Lyric thinks she's pretty cool too. It's so funny to see the two of them together.

Lyric's doing great. Turned 5 months yesterday. Crazy shyte! Had her to the doc's Wednesday. She's 14 lbs. 4 oz. 25 1/2 ins. Head's 16 1/2 ins. She's gettin' HUGE!! We joke around and call her the Buddah baby, lol. She has little chubs now. It's way too cute.

She's on nothing but 2nd Foods now. Is teething big time, so it's not too cool. Started her on the teething toast, and she loves it. God does it make a mess though, lol.

Was crawling today. Just for a minute, and then she got pissed, but she was. I'm just sitting here going oh God!! LOL. Gonna have to get gates next week for sure and shampoo the carpet. And vacuum everyday. And put bumpers on everything, lol.

So fun!

Everything is cracking her up. Just busts out laughing for no reason. Hair's getting longer again. The baldish spot is almost gone. I think it's gonna start curling before long. That's gonna be so cute if it happens.

Been gettin' rain almost everyday. It's cool for the little bit of time it rains, but then it gets hella humid and it sucks. Sounds like it's starting again, so I'd better get off.

(if its tuesday i must change my alias) ~Jp
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Zipadedoda [25 Jul 2005|05:30pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

You never wanted me
You just tried to break me

So this has been an evil day.

Had to get up at 7, after I didn't get to bed til after 3, to let Grams out for her appointment. Made the mistake of going back to bed, was only 'sposed to be til 8, and ended up sleeping til 9.

That started the day off bad right there.

Had to go do a bunch of running in town, so we had to go out in this God awful heat. That sucked big time. Lyric didn't like that any.

Got home about 2, got Lyric settled down, then I had to do faxing for Grams and a ton of paper shredding. The shredder was being evil, so that was annoying.

Lyric's teeth are bugging her, so I had to keep her happy and put the gel on and give her some more meds.

Get online and I have an email from my mom. She's really pissing me off.

My little sister has run off, she is 18 now, has managed to get herself knocked up and in an abusive situation. Now she's seeing some other guy, while guy 1 is in jail, and still has the threat of guy 1 killing her ass. She's not seeing a doctor, and according to my mother has a raging infection and isn't taking the meds.

I'm ready to kick her not so little arse from here to next week and back!

And my mom, being my dear sweet mother, is once again trying to feed me a line of bullshyte about shyte that she seems to remember a WHOLE lot different than I do.

That just gets me bad. It's like, her fairy tale world is supposed to rub off on everyone else.

So, now I'm sitting here debating whether or not I should email her back, or just let her ass sit. I'd really just like to tell her to jump off a cliff, but I can't because then I've got no way of knowing what's going on with the sibs...

Really sucky.

Still nothing from John. I am rapidly losing all sanity. I think Lyric's belly button is starting to get infected again, and that's worrying me. She's got heat rash like crazy and it's not making anybody real happy.

Today is just not a good day.

Found out some partially good news yesterday though. Mommy Rebecca, her hubby and dear sweet Joey are leaving. Yup! They're going bye bye, never to return and to forever leave me in peace! LOl.

Don't know why, don't know the precise date, but I know it's happenin'. Chris and Michelle are staying, which is no big deal, and so are PJ and dear Contessa. If those two would just leave, my life would be more than grand!!

Lyric's wakin' up and gettin' fussy though, so I'm off to play Mommy again...

(if its tuesday i must change my alias) ~Jp
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Updatage [23 Jul 2005|06:33pm]
[ mood | content ]

And I'd tell you this
but I don't know how
And I cavin' in
and I'm fallin' out
and I can't resist
And I can't rebound

So things are ok. Grams is asleep right now cause we didn't get to bed til after midnight, then she was back up at 5 and we were off to a meeting at 9.

Lyric's asleep too. She's had a rough few days. I think her teeth are starting to come through, cause she's just not happy. Her gums are swollen where the teeth are coming in and she's drooling all the gel away. I think I need to get her the capsules or whatever they are.

Yeah, I can't think right now.

She's been really good though, considering. She's just having some serious moments. It's killin' me. It's like, nothing can settle her down and there's not a damn thing I can do for her to releive the pain or help in anyway. It sucks!! I hate it so bad.

Other than the teething, she's good. Turned 20 weeks yesterday. (Makes it sound like 5 months.... Isn't though. Just 4 and 1/2.) Got over her shots and that misery, finally. That put her in such a bad mood! Wants to be standing more than anything anymore. Either that or on her belly, sleeping, playing, watching tv or anything else. I'm gonna have to get her a walker pretty soon I think.

She's had a bald line on the back of her head, lol. It got that way when she hit about 6 weeks. It's growing in now though. It's blonde there. Reminds me of my hair. Blonde here, black there, red in the sun, brown there... LOL. Multi-colored hair seems to run in the family I guess! ; p

She's doing awesome on her foods! Started her on vegetable beef yesterday. It's definately not her fave, but she tolerates it well enough. Loves her juices and her fruits and her veggies. DEFINATELY loves those veggies! She doesn't seem to like pudding. Which is strange, cause she loves yogurt... Meh. Must taste different I guess. And it's watery.... That could have somethin' to do with it.

She rocks though. I'm lucky. If I had to deal with some of the problems other people seem to have with theirs, I'd prolly have a nervous breakdown! Teething is bad enough. I feel helpless! All kinds of health problems and all that though.... Man, I'd seriously go nuts and helpless would be the understatement of the century!!

In other news: Still waiting to hear from John again. Ugh. It's misery.

I'm hella tired. Didn't get to sleep til after 1 last night, 2 the night before, 2 the night before that.... Back into my insomnia mode. And I've been back up early everyday. Major sucky. Gonna have to feed dogs pretty quick and I'm afraid I'm not gonna be able to move my lazy arse to do it!

Grand, ain't it?

Just sittin' here kind of bored. Saw PJ when we hit the stop sign in town. And his new love... Shot my day.... It sucks. And it makes me scared that if anything happens with John it'll just be to get over PJ. God I hate it!!

'Nuf misery for today though. Gonna go do some stuff and maybe things'll be better tonight when I'm not quite so bored out of my mind!

(if its tuesday i must change my alias) ~Jp
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Chirp, Chirp [21 Jul 2005|10:10pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

You had me caught up in some great lie
Feedin' me all of your own truths
I'm sick and tired of all this compromise
And gettin' none of it from you

So yeah, I'm bored, so I thought I'd write til I have to go switch dogs and prolly feed Lyric before she gets to bed.

Today's been rather boring. Went to school, flunked my test, lol. -Trust me, I know this.- Noone was there. John's comp was on, still with the penguin screensaver Joe used to scare the hell out of him, but no John. That sucked major.

Saw PJ last Friday. His new little love, or not so little I guess since she made three of me when was pregnant!, was apparently afraid of me, because she sent Rose into the bank, where we were, to get the keys to the car from PJ.

What a dip.

I hated being in there though. Kept thinking about how if we were still together, we'd have been joking and all that and he'd have been seeing the baby, who I didn't take in with me.

It just sucks. I don't even want to think about that shyte anymore!

Lyric's teething has been getting bad. And this heat has been killing us all. We've got temps of 115 with humidity on top of it cause of our newly aqquired smog. Lyric is NOT enjoying it.

We watched ID4 today, and she loved it, lol. She's on a lot more 2nd foods. Prefers them to the first foods, cause there's actually FLAVOR.

Still adorable as all get out.

Wishing I'd get a letter from John. Got one like, last week, but still, I want one like, every day, LOL. I miss him bad!! I need him to keep my sanity. (When John's not around, I tend to do stupid shyte. PJ, for example...)

We had half assed rain here today. 5 miles down the road though, it flooded!! Major suck fest. Had all the trimmimngs: thunder, lightening, clouds up the arse, but not enough moisture to even fill a glass with!

Evil demon spawn!

I'm in the mood to draw, but don't have the drive to do it, lol. Have a few shirts and things I want to design, since we've FINALLY got the sewing machine in and I can learn!, but I'm too lazy to go get my stuff and take the time to draw everything out.

I'd better do it pretty soon though, cause I want to wear my "Raging" tee pretty soon, so I have to make it, lol.

I guess I'd better go get dogs switched though, and then we can watch another movie.

(if its tuesday i must change my alias) ~Jp
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MIA [14 Jul 2005|12:14am]
[ mood | blah ]

I'm anything but helpless
And I wanna know the truth
Was I anything but just
Some little game to you

Yeah, so I have definately been missing in action! All the stuff to update.

Shows were June 24th-26th. Everything went okay I guess. Had to go to the store for drinks the 26th, and PJ had the balls to talk to me. I wanted to hit him. Was at the park the 24th doing prep for the shows, and these guys came by. I was wearin' my HOTTIE tee, and they noticed, so they were all flirting and all this shyte. It was so funny! Had babysitters for Lyric at the shows, Friday and Saturday anyway, so she had fun! Didn't get a whole lot of photo play cause I never had time, but that was okay. Got some really cute ones of Lyric at the shows and have an awesome set up for 4th of July shoots.

John is still away... Been writing back and forth. He may be coming home next month, but we don't know yet. I miss that guy so bad it ain't even funny!

School's been out, so I go back tomorrow and finish my test. Hopefully Thomas comes back so we can get the right one!!

Lyric's doing awesome. Does a belly crawl, sits up, laughs her ass off!, smiles at almost everything... She's so cool.

She's on baby food now. Turkey, veal, chicken, which she hates!!, rice cereal, applesauce, peaches, pears, prunes, which she LOOOOOOVES!, bananas, pretty much all the fruits and some of the 2nd foods blends, green beans, peas, sweet potatoes, her fave!, carrots, another fave, sqaush, doesn't like spinach..., yogurt, oatmeal and the cereal blends... Quite a few 2nd Foods and pretty much every juice but orange. Only gets about 2 bottles a day. The rest is real food.

She uses her high chair now. Loves it. Plays nonstop. Finally had to get the crib, cause she rolls both ways now and needed room, and she enjoys that big time!

Teething now. Has two teeth for sure comin' in. Must not hurt too much though, cause she really doesn't cry or seem to care! We'll see later on.

Had a doctors visit the 6th. (I'm gonna get a new one for her though...) She's 12 lbs. 11 oz. 25 ins. and growing. Doc says she's way advanced and thinks I shouldn't be feeding her meats yet. (What a dip!) Had her shots. 5 this time. First one got her so bad she screamed for 30 minutes non stop and made her bleed so bad the bandaid was soaked with blood! They won't split them for me, because I'm just "paranoid", so now I'm pissed and I'm gonna find a doc who will.

She's cool though. Even gotten so she's waved a few times!! Crawling isn't far I don't think, and Grams swears she'll skip straight to walking!!

We'll see.......

Anyway, that's about it I think. I'd better get to bed before Grams starts screaming....

(if its tuesday i must change my alias) ~Jp
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Busy Busy Bees - I Hate AOL.... [14 Jun 2005|02:48pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

We gotto hold on
To what we got
It doesn't make a difference if we make or not
We've got eachother
And that's alot
For love, we'll give it a shot

So, let's try this again. Had this almost all done and went to check messages. AOL, the damn thing!!, shut down the computer completely and I lost it all!

Evil demon spawn.

Alright, so went to Staples, Micheals and Walmart Friday.

Had to get ink and paper and a few other things, so we got that. Went to the printer section and found a nice little HP photo for under $100. I broke down and got it. My other printer is shot right now, it'll take more than a brand new printer cost me just to fix it, so I did it.

Had to get stuff for my photo shoot on the 25th. Got all that and some scrapbooking stuff and picked up some other stuff for the crafts. Got out pretty cheap compared to our usual bill, especially with getting my set up.

Went to Walmart. Had to get diapers, formula, wipes and a few house supplies. I picked up a Bon Jovi cd. - I've been wanting to get Cross Road for a while now. - Checked out the clearance baby clothes rack. - I shot my baby clothes monthly amount at the first of the month, so I checked out the marked down. Besides, we know me, Miss Thrift here. And I don't get stuff that's not in good condition, just stuff that there's only like, 1 of. - Got an ADORABLE little 3-6 Pooh sleeper and bib set. It's pale pink, 26 ins. and like 12 or 14 pounds. It'll be a WHILE before she hits it weight wise, but it'll be great anyway.

Got film. I'll have to get more next week though.... ; p Checked out the DVD dump bin. Found a few good ones. I picked up Money Train, FINALLY!! -- Tried to get it at KMart a few weeks ago, and got carded!! I go in, forget my ID cause I wasn't writing a check and I didn't even really pay attention to it being rated R. Got diapers, wipes, a few baby outfits, all that stuff, and they card me. - I KNOW I look 17 anymore!! - Damned checker thought I was like 14 and wouldn't let me buy it. I was so ticked. --

But yeah, I got that. Had my ID in my diaper bag and had that with me, so it was cool. Got some more stickers for my scrapbooking, some other stuff for my shoot and a really cool tank. It's just one of those regular thin straped built in bra ones, but it was cool, cause I got a 4-6, which was all they had in black, and it fit so great!! I had to get a medium last year... I was way happy. ; p

Been goin' to school. I miss John bein' there SO bad. Went again today, and seeing his computer turned off and his low rider chair empty just sucks! Got a letter from him yesterday. - Finally got the addie, so I've gotto get my letter and a few pis ready and send 'em tomorrow. - He's ticked at half his platoon, cause they keep screwing up on easy shyte and everybody ends up getting no free time. Poor guy... He's liking the scenery and everything over there though. I'll have to get him to get some pics once he goes into his second stretch of training...

Gotto go out and do some yard work pretty quick. I think that's about all the updates though. I'll get Lyric updates in a little bit.

(if its tuesday i must change my alias) ~Jp
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Greetings Fair Souls...... [06 Jun 2005|10:45pm]
[ mood | devious ]

Well it's a dead end situation
Got nowhere to escape
Keep on blockin' all my intentions
Keepin' me locked up in this cage

So yeah, sitting here wishing John could get online and we could talk. I'm hoping he sends me an addie pretty quick. He should have been transfered last Thursday.

Lyric's doing so good. She's starting to be able t sit up for short stretches all on her own. Did it night before last for like 5 minutes. I had to move, so I just sat her on the couch. No pillows, no bracing, just the back of the couch behind her. She just sat there straight up looking around. Eventually, she rolled to the side, but it was cool.

She's trying to crawl. Layed her on her belly cause she was wigglin' and my arm was tired, and she tried like hell. Got her knees under her, her arms holdin' her front up, head went up and she started movin' side toside and pullin' herself forward. It was too fun!

Won't be too much longer the way she's goin'. She moving so much she's about turning her bouncer on it's side!

She's doin' great with sitting though. Does pretty good in her swing, and now she's trying to play with the toys on the front. She can't quite reach 'em yet though, so now she's gotto have other toys in the swing. And she's frustrated cause she has to lean back in the bouncer. She likes to lean forward and grab the toys on the bar with her hands.

Not much else goin' on 'cept I'm still bugged by PJ's latest ploy. That and I fucked up my shoulder big time doing gymnastics last night. LOL. Leave it to me....

But yeah, that's my fun tale. I think I'll go watch Gremlins or something... And put Lyric to bed.

(if its tuesday i must change my alias) ~Jp
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