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Caught In a Light Sneeze

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My name is ~Jp. You'll find all my pics and info on my website. My Angel's pics can be found here. (Please sign the guestbook!)

I am the original good girl, and I make anyone over 5'3" look tall, at barely 5'1" myself. ('Less, of course, I'm wearing boots, then I get up to 5'4" or so.)

I'm very into music, it's basically my life. I write poetry and songs and stories, all that good stuff. (You can find some of my work on my site and also my poetry journal _ravens_tears_.) Also, check out my community journalistic for rants and raves and differing opinions on random issues.

I'm into photography and plan to take some courses at college before apprenticing in the next year or so. I shoot at least 3 rolls a month but am still shy about sharing. I love to chat and I love my web and graphic design.

I am currently enrolled in college. I just started my second semester. First semester I carried 14 units and have done really well! I am majoring in CIS, with a possibly minor in Rnglish and a certificate in CIDG.

I'm a new Mommy. My angel, Lyric Alexandra, was born March 4th, 2005. She's definately my everything anymore!

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Lyric Alexandra

Blessed the world March 04, 2005
6 lbs. 13 oz. 20 ins.

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